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Hi, I have a button which on click has to oepn rad window of usercontrol without post back or Can i display user control's content in radWindow of aspx page from clientSide. Summary of Styles and Designs. And I have a requirement to set the Title of RadWindow accordinly. NET - Launching Telerik reports; Replacing the data source at run time; Telerik - How To Create A Line Chart And Save It To Disk. ItemCreated occurs before the ItemDataBound event (before. 3 posts, 1 answers Agm. aspx" The Page Must Be On Same Directory Where Your Current Page(Calling Rad Window) e. Goodmorning all, please i have a radgrid that has columns sessionsid and startdate. On click of any of these button it will open a RadWindow which contains all my page controls. NET AJAX controls in Sitefinity use the so called "Sitefinity" skin which is now part of the external Telerik. A grid template column on a rad grid is defined in this way: